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GHA Starter Pack

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You have questions, we have answers.
Answers to questions like:
  • Do I have a parasite?
  • Why do I have acid reflux?
  • Is my gut health impacting my hormones?
  • Should I be taking gut health supplements?
We can answer all of these questions, and more, with the right functional test - the GI Map.

Finally have root cause answers to your gut health issues with a comprehensive gi map test + recommendations to kickstart your healing

what's included

  • One GI Map test mailed to your door.  A comprehensive science-backed analysis that uses top qPCR technology to decode the intricacies of your gut and reveals the root causes behind your bloating, unexplained belly fat, brain fog, and autoimmune concerns. (Additional cost paid directly to the lab)
  • A Medical Symptom Questionnaire to complete so we can gather info on your symptoms and goals and track your progress.
  • Written interpretation of the results. Unlock the secrets of your GI Map test with a detailed written report. Our experts will break down the findings and provide you with a clear roadmap to better gut health.
  • Personalized video interpretation by our Certified Licensed Registered Dietitian. Gain exclusive access to a comprehensive video guide (that is yours for a lifetime!), where our expert Dietitian explains everything you need to know about your test results, empowering you with knowledge and actionable steps.
  • TWO 1:1 Coaching calls with our Certified Holistic Health Coaches. Experience the support you deserve with a 75-minute Kickoff Call and a 30-minute follow-up session one month later. These calls will help you navigate any challenges, set goals, and stay on track toward a healthier you.
  • 60 days access to our exclusive weekly group calls and somatic practices, available only to Gut Health Agency clients.
  • Lifetime Access to Foundational Learning PDF Modules on the gut-brain axis and how to live a gut-healthy life so you can eliminate the confusion and know exactly how care for your one precious body!

What's included

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YOur gut health impacts your:




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What they're saying

The GI map is the most comprehensive stool test on the market. it tests for:
  • parasites
  • Viruses
  • dysbiosis
  • h.pylori
  • infections
  • Pathogens
  • autoimmune related bacteria
  • and important intestinal health markers that would cost thousands if tested individually!

Our lead registered dietitian at gut health agency creates a comprehensive written interpretation for you
and an in depth video explanation so you can understand the results!

tests are only as good as their interpretation, and we do it best!

see sample results

see example video

Learn more about the GI Map

Now is your chance to have the most helpful piece of the GHA Signature Program for a fraction of the cost!

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1. do you offer refunds

Because payments are immediately sent to the lab for your GI Map test, and the nature of this work, we do not offer refunds of any kind. However, we do offer our full commitment to you and your success with the expectation that you will do the same!

2. can i purchase if i'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

2. can i purchase if i'm pregnant or

We recommend waiting to test until after you give birth OR before you get pregnant - at which time we highly recommend it! Your gut health will impact fertility and baby too!

3. will the starter pack be enough?

This Starter Pack is intended to educate you and get you rocking and rolling with your first few steps on your gut healing journey. Based on your results, you may want to explore the GHA Continuation option at the end of 30-days.

4. Do I need to live in the us?

No! We have labs all over the world and can ship directly to most countries. If you're unsure, contact us!

5. do you take hsa or insurance?

This is an educational program, thus we do not take insurance. We have had clients successfully use HSA funds for a partial refund of their GI Map test. If you need more financing options, please explore our Interest Free Financing Option outlined above.

6. what makes gha different?

Our team has expertly combined the power of functional gut testing with deep nervous system healing using neuroplasticity. We use a science backed tool called Orpheus Mind Technologies that has shown to reduce cravings and triggers in under 12 minutes.

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